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|-Geek Squad LLC-| Great to see you again!

Your yearly arrangement PC administrations for the reference no SVNP586E has been effectively reactivated again as it slipped by today.

According to your term plan auto charge benefits, the aggregate measure of ($ 398.77) is charged from the refreshed record store balance.

Your Network Protection Shield and PC Services resumed today ( 08 Aug 2022) and it will be active till 07 Aug 2023.

Pls be noted that you will be charged the subscription recurring fee every year unless we get a request to cancel it.

If you have any queries/questions or you find an error in this transaction, kindly get in touch with our core team.

To stop auto debit or void the charges : Contact at  +1 888 434 (5105)

[Thankful To You]|

Mark Smith
{Sr. Head Accounts Handling Team}