Yes, they have been. but I’m sure if you are reading this out of concern, you may have noticed that at the moment, all sites are up and running, present and accounted for 😉

You may have also, noticed that we have been experiencing intermittent outages with a small handful of our story sites as recently as earlier today. These outages are a result of a service that this community utilizes being hacked, which is affecting some functionality of the sites and triggering malware scanners within our service. It is being addressed but as with any attack of this nature, we can’t offer a timeframe of when we are “in the clear” as we are simply reacting when trouble pops up as software to address this particular attack needs to be developed to address this issue moving forward.

For now, we are urging site owners to keep copies of everything that is newly posted on their sites as an attack could force a site to restore from a recent backup, which ‘could’ reverse the addition of new material. Site owners, you will be contacted if this action is performed on your site. Get in touch with one of us if you have any questions or concerns.

We got your backs 😉
– Jeff