Welcome to DSS Hosting, the self-hosting solution built by us for us!


The idea originated in 2004 and was set in motion by a man named August Christopher. ¬†Aimed at a small group of online readers and authors who wanted to discuss their favorite authors and even interact with them, a community was born on server space and licensed forum software that was purchased and donated by August himself, with stipulations attached. “This space would be freely offered to host those who need hosting ‘and’ it would NEVER employ ads and spam to generate revenue.”


A tough goal to meet but, with the generosity of some of our founding members as well as donations from those who enjoy this space, we not only are still self hosting but remain “ad free” just as August required of us before his passing less than a year after our community began to prove that we were on to something truly special.


To this day, DSS Hosting in cooperation with Oraculum Engineering continues to provide hosting solutions for the community it was created to serve as well as select small businesses and non-profit organizations that we are either involved in or are close to without requiring advertising or promotion in any form. DSS Hosting is a not-for-profit organization and service, and is not actively seeking new clients.