Discord Chat

 DSS Hosting On Discord


Sometimes it just helps to have live help. DSS Hosting has been coordinating work in the background in many parts of the world using live text and voice chat. Discord is a service freely available to everyone and features a browser and/or app based chat platform that is extremely simple to use and very stable compared to others we have used in the past.


If you find yourself in a situation where you could really use some help when dealing with an issue or learning something new on our servers, go over to the Request Support page and in the brief explanation, ask for an invite to our Discord server. We will create a space where you can speak with our team one-on-one in voice or text, and even use screen sharing to walk you through a procedure, or allow you to show us what you are seeing.


Not familiar with Discord? No problem! You can go over to https://discord.com/ and see what this service offers and how easy it is to use. If you are into online gaming, that is their bread and butter and may even be worth speaking to your online team to try out coordinating on a dedicated server. You won’t regret it!