Yup, it does happen from time to time. Someone thinks they can pull one over on unsuspecting users. This one is almost official-looking and if you aren’t the suspicious type, might even trick you into into clicking on the link within it. Here’s an example of its content:

From: Support yourdomain.com (It inserts your domain but actually comes from admin@unliusa.com)

re: Your e-mail account has exceeded its storage limit.

Hi [[-Email-]] ,

Your E-mail account ( [[-Email-]] ) with us is outdated and will be closed.

We strongly recommend you to upgrade your mail quota and avoid unwanted interruptions

For your safety we will temporary suspend your account after 24 hours of receiving this message if the verification is not yet completed

Upgrade your Storage now

[[-Domain-]] will always Help you fight against scam and spam mails

Case Details: 888284930 

[[-Domain-]] (c) 2020

If you receive an email that looks similar to this example DO NOT click on the link it provides. The link is not official as it is a spoof of a google address and is commonly used to install malware or to fish for live email addresses to sell to disreputable organizations.

If your address is provided to you by us as a part of your hosting, not only are you not exceeding your limit but, your account will NEVER be considered outdated forcing a reply from you as an action. If there is ever an issue, we will contact you directly.

(Pro Tip: When the subject does not match the issue listed in the body of the email; that’s a good sign someone is trying to give you a broad enough reason to be concerned.)

We are discussing in the background taking action against this particular spamming attempt as it is coming from an identifiable domain. If you do receive one of these e-mails mark it as SPAM and forward it to the Google Abuse Center https://www.wikihow.com/Report-a-Gmail-Account. That rarely leads to a single entity being held accountable but, could help to eliminate whatever list is being worked right now.

Keep yourself safe. If you ever receive an unexpected email, always be suspicious.