Hello Fort Family Community and DSS Hosting site owners!

Hope this message is finding you well. I am emailing today to let you know of a small change that has recently been made to our service in the form of a software upgrade on the server. In short there was an upgrade to the database software that makes the magic happen in the background for your site. Now where this is simply an upgrade, the majority of our hosting packages should show no change in functionality, but it has negatively affected a small percentage of our sites which simply took a slight adjustment to address.
With that said, I will be making the adjustment to all hosting packages as we are learning that randomly the issue can be triggered once the right service is implemented. Because of this, I am chosing to pre-empt this situation and check my work as I go. Should you notice anything unusual in the responsiveness of your site or if you have any questions about the specifics of this upgrade, feel free to email me.
Take care and thanks for being a part of our family!
– Jeff