Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the DSS Hosting family. Why are you receiving this letter? That’s a great question!

As most of you know, CSU Productions (under the DSS Hosting Banner) has been providing cost-free hosting to our entire community since almost the very beginning. This service has expanded to select small businesses billed at our cost, non-profit organizations billed at our cost, and family members (online or off) when needed; completely donation-based. Doing so has been our pleasure since day one and doing it well has become our mission moving forward. That being said, the way we have been handling tech support needed to be improved a bit. So, we finally organized an online presence for you all to interface with your service provider directly. Enter: our own https://dsshosting.net website. This is intended to keep you up to date with hosting news, upgrades, server maintenance schedules, and most importantly: to get technical support when needed. The best news: if you are hosted by DSS Hosting, you now have the support the larger commercial providers offer, just a little more personal in most cases 🙂

Up til now, an email was sent to one member of the team if there was an issue. If that member was not able to act right away, it had to wait. No, we are not outsourcing tech support. It will most likely be the same person responding (breathe JJ, breathe ;)) and will be the same quality of personal response that you are used to. This change means the entire team is notified when there is an issue all at once. Those who have the ability to help are all aware there is an issue and the first available person will reach out to you. Ensuring that your issue will receive attention as quickly as possible. Which is our goal.

Those of you running small business sites or non-profit org sites, please switch to requesting support on the site. It will give us the ability to better serve you. And to everyone else, this service is still donation based. A billing system does not and will not be employed for community hosting. For those of you who request support on our behalf with a link button on your site, thank-you for that support. Those able to support financially, there is still a donation form on the site. We love being able to provide this service and thanks to the generosity of our hosted family, we are able to keep doing what we love and have been since 2004! As always, link backs to DSS Hosting are never required nor is advertising a priority of any kind. We maintain these resources for those who would benefit within our extended family, not for the general public.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to myself or any member of our staff. Contact information is readily available right here on this site.

Here’s to growth without the pains!


– Jeff Perry –

Co-Owner, Website Development, Hosting Manager, IT